As an interior designer I work with a three-fold conceptual design, with the customer at its base. These concepts comprise of:

The customer personal characteristics, his needs, life style, the phase in which his life is at, personal preferences in design and his dreams, all of these are subjected to his budget limit and to his time frame allowed for the design process. The general idea is to aim the client to an outcome that will be both to the client’s satisfaction and will also provide an answer to his requirements.

Structural properties are the second concept, consists of the house or apartment physical properties, the potential that the structure stores within it and while considering the technical and statutory limitations, I will provide a solution on how to improve and redesign in according with the general design plan.

The housing environment which is basically the whereabouts of the house. The nature of the house and its interior design are affected and derived by the environment it is located at. Be that an apartment in a tower in Tel-Aviv, a house in the suburbs or a house in an urban conservation area.

Each and every one of these conceptual design aspects relied and affected by the other two concepts with the client at the center. The client’s selection of the house and its environment gives a fair outlook of his taste and his life style.